Hello, my name is Laura Subirats. I am a visual designer and researcher based in London. My Background is in Design, Digital Art and Film. If you wanna contact me, please click here


Aina Bags (2019)
Aries (2019)

VVAA (2019)

Nokia (2017)

Archivo.me (2018)

Physical Internet (2018)

Internet Persona (2019)

Animation (2017)

3D explorations (ongoing)

ML (2018)

data.pde (2018)


The Weather Lamps

This project is about a feeling. It is visually talking about the distance between two cities. London, where I life, and Barcelona, where I am from. The idea is using the weather as a changing connection between both cities. The piece is interacting in real time with information about the weather from an API*, and representing it through the light.  Being connect in distance. How the Internet is nowadays giving us the possibility of interacting with people and places far away from us. The idea is breaking this huge wall, and bringing together sensations in distance.

3D print + acrylic + Arduino + El Wire + OpenFrameWorks