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Duty Free Art by Hyto Steyerl 

    ‘Is the Internet dead? This is not a metaphorical question. It does not suggest that the internet is dysfunctional, useless or out of fashion. It asks what happened to the Internet after is stopped being a possibility.[…] Never before have more people been dependent on, embedded into, surveilled by, and exploited by the web. […] The internet is probably not dead. It has rather gone all-out. Or more precisely: it is all over!’


My Archive

Final Degree show 2017, Bau ecola de disseny de Barcelona

An archive as a project.
        Through a process of design investigation and experimentation, it intends to bring us questions about the present’s obsolescence. Not only it is a personal project based in the documentation of a material set, which has accompanied me for 22 year, also involves the destruction of this accumulation, and therefore, the assimilation of the ephemerally and the importance on forgetting over the action of remembering. All this is related to Zygmunt Bauman’s Liquidity concept, which acknowledges that change is permanent. This idea is even more obvious in a digital paradigm, where nothing remains but everything changes.
        After this auto destructive process, I ask myself if I will be able to get over this Diogenes syndrome and become to a rite of passage towards somewhere else, where I can detach myself from all material memory in order to start all over again.
        On the other hand, I wonder if in our contemporary socio-cultural context, the archives are sill considered functional, and if the preservation of material culture has become something useless.