Hand Blown Glass 'Cala Lily' Vase


STYLE: Art Nouveau


YEAR: 1970s

DIMENSION:   23 x 20cm


About the Art Nouveau style…

An artistic movement that emerged in Europe in the last years of the 19th century and reigned until the outbreak of the First World War. During this period, known as the fin de siècle or belle époque, an attempt was made to create a so called “new” or “young” art that broke with what had been done before and exalted nature by incorporating elements typical of the industrial revolution, such as steel and glass.


How to recognise it?

The artists, designers and architects of Art Nouveau were lovers of curves and intersecting lines, they ignored the perspective of geometry and applied botanical and exotic motifs, coinciding with the discovery of Japanese art. The colors are flat (as in Klimt’s artistic work) but attention is paid to the smallest detail.


In the field of design… what are the key names of Art Nouveau?

Louis Comfort Tiffany, Hector Guimard, Carlo Bugatti and Louis Majorelle.