ARCHIVO was born in the living room of an old house located in a little town from the Atlantic Pyrenees. There was a private sale of antiquities going on there and we asked ourselves: “What if we take this French tradition to Spain?” Two years later, ARCHIVO is a curated selection of vintage objects picked up through markets and private sales from Europe’s major capitals. A place where the 50s share space with the 90s and Art Déco and Minimalism get along.


About us

Ana Rojas and Raquel Fernández Sobrín met in 2010 at the fashion closet of “Harper’s Bazaar Spain”, where they worked as fashion assistants. After that, Ana continued her styilist work in publications such as “Vogue” and Raquel would become fashion features director of “L’Officiel Spain” and “Fashion & Arts” (“La Vanguardia”). Today, they combine her careers with ARCHIVO and SUIT MAGAZINE, a digital platform devoted to fashion, beauty and art.