Hello, my name is Laura, and I am a creative twenty-three year old mind based in London. I am currently studying a Masters in Computational Arts in Goldsmiths.
    As a cultural agent I really enjoy expanding my knowledge, sharing mindsets and finding the right balance between theory and practice


How many things does Laura own? Laura has been collecting objects that surround her daily life for as long as she can remember. She is obsessed with objects, memory and archives. In her projects Laura often asks questions without looking for an answer, and plays with the idea of future and investigation. Her work consists of exploring and learning through a wide-range of fields, and letting the spectator be part of the process, creating a spatial environment in the form of a laboratory. Her works are based mostly on designing methodologies that allow people to reflect on a theme. Laura is from Barcelona and based in London. As she works between art, theory and design, she prefers to be considered as being a 'visual something'. She really enjoys expanding her knowledge and finding the balance between theory and practice.